María Teresa González
Litigation and Judicial Representation Coordinator


Before joining the Firm, María Teresa was a Labor Judge of the Bogotá Circuit and was part of the Judicial Branch for 4 years; such work experience, together with her academic training as a lawyer and business administrator, have enabled her to consolidate a broad and structured view to understand the various situations surrounding the origin of the judicial conflict, as well as to determine the most effective defense lines in pursuit of the clients’ strategic interests. She coordinates a team that attends a large number of court proceedings, thus ensuring compliance with procedural deadlines, periodic communication to clients about their status and understanding of their situation.



  • Business Administrator, Universidad de Boyacá (1999)
  • Lawyer,  Universidad Santo Tomás (2005)
  • Labor Law and Industrial Relations, Universidad Externado de Colombia (2004)
  • Social Security Law, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana (2011)

Teaching Experience

Professor of Labor Law Specialization, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana



Colombian Labor Lawyers Association