Ismael Babativa Coordinador
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Ismael Babativa
Litigation and Judicial Representation Coordinator


Ismael has key competences of communication and relationship with the Judicial Branch. His skill to manage hearings allows him to represent clients in a comprehensive way. His analysis of the corporate environment in the face of contingencies arising from contentious administrative lawsuits has led him to develop defense strategies that look after client’s interests against eventual and future risks. Additionally, based on the theory of abuse of the right in collective matters, he is responsible for special complaints related with the lifting of trade union immunity, processes for dissolution and liquidation of trade union organizations, as well as nullity proceedings due to irregular incorporation thereof.



  • Lawyer, Universidad de la Sabana (2006)
  • Specialist in Labor Law and Industrial Relations, Universidad Externado de Colombia (2014)



  • Member of the Colombian Labor Lawyers Association