Bella Lida Montaña
Litigation and Judicial Representation Coordinator


Before joining the Firm, Bella Lida was part of the Judicial Branch for 9 years, becoming an Assistant Magistrate of the Labor Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice which allowed her to understand the vision from the judicial institution. She currently works as a Coordinator of the firm and is responsible for leading a special judicial representation project, collaborating with the client to identify risks and opportunities, supervising the management of the teams, acting as a point of contact between the client and the firm, accompanying the lawyers in charge in the preparation of legal documents in accordance with the defined strategy,  in the drafting of legal documents and in the judicial representation of the client.



  • Lawyer, Universidad Autonoma de Colombia (1996)
  • Specialist in Labor Law, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana (2000)
  • Specialist in Organizational Control and Management Systems, Universidad de los Andes (2011)
  • Candidate for Master’s Degree in Labor Law and Social Security, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana (2021)

Teaching Experience

  • Professor of the Labor Law Specialization, Procedural Law Area, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana



  • Universidad de los Andes Association of Graduates