We guide, accompany and advise on processes of verification of compliance with social security obligations and other employment, labor matters through a diagnosis to identify which activities are developed as expected, which are not and those that could be improved.

We have a combined professional team and specialized tools that lead to the quality of our service.

On the one hand, we work with our own software enabling us to identify, in a more accurate and refined way, the needs of our clients and thus identify opportunities for improvement, optimize resources and minimize occupational risks. On the other hand, our human talent has a multidisciplinary approach that provides a broad and comprehensive vision of the environment of our clients in matters of parameterization and conceptualization of payroll, administration of third-party hiring, review of processes and criteria for the application of labor-tax concepts, among others.

Finally, our work methodology focuses on transferring our findings to those responsible for the relevant areas within companies in order for them to adopt preventive measures and minimize risks in control activities by State entities such as the UGPP (Pension and Payroll-Tax Management Unit).


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