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At López & Asociados, we are reliable, responsible professionals with high ethical values, who nurture long-lasting and transparent relationships with our clients.


We stand out for our devoted service, for which reason we accompany, follow up, advise and provide permanent reliable accompaniment at each stage of the services we offer.


Because of their extensive experience, they are responsible for executing the strategy and coordinating the human and technical resources required to provide a robust and timely service.

Ismael Babativa Coordinador

Ismael Babativa

Litigation and Judicial Representation Coordinator

Ginna Tatiana Díaz

Litigation and Judicial Representation Coordinator

Camilo Ignacio Fonseca Díaz

Tutelas Coordinator

María Teresa González

Defense area leader

Heidy Jiménez

Coordinator Ministry of Labor, OSH and Social Security

Diego Leal Vega

Client Relations Leader

Jorge Enrique Martínez Sierra

Medellín Office Leader

Bella Lida Montaña

Leader of Special Projects and Judicial Representation

Fabiola Perez

Fabiola Pérez Murcia

Labor Relations Leader

Mónica Sierra Sánchez

Consulting Leader

Manuel Germán Torres Mora

Senior Leader consulting and
third parties

Diana Paola Velandia

Labor Relations Leader

Edwin Mauricio Villamil

Knowledge Unit Leader